Harold Peto's Gardens in England and abroad

Although he practised as an architect in London in a flourishing  partnership with Ernest George (1839-1922), it is for his designed gardens of the belle époque that he has become justifiably acclaimed, even to the accolade of 'genius'.


Iford Manor in Wiltshire was Harold Peto's home from 1899 to 1933 and it was here that he created an  iconic garden which expressed his view of history, leading the visitor through a  visionary landscape, with echoes of Italy, Pompeii, Spain and Japan:

Iford Manor

Iford Manor, from 1899

The Great Terrace with a dog, oil jar and wisteria



Iford Garden Entrance

Iford Manor

The Entrance Court


Other Peto Gardens


Buscot Park

Buscot Park in Oxfordshire,  from 1904

The Long Canal with a copy of a Roman fountain at its head



Ilnacullin, Ireland

Ilnacullin, Ireland, from 1910

The pavilion, looking towards the Caha Mountains


Easton Lodge

Easton Lodge in Essex, the famous garden of Daisy Warwick, from 1902

The Magnificent Lily canal circa 1905 .

The grand pergola collapsed in 1922. The garden is waiting for restoration –

see website www.eastonlodge.co.uk



Heale House

Heale House

The 'Boat' terrace with steps descending to the water's edge